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Outsourced project management is a great alternative to recruitment

Do you have a project planned, but no resources or people with the required skills? Do you need a project manager with experience on a certain type of a project? Project manager with the right kind of expertise is the key to successfully delivering a project.

Recruiting a new employee is always a big decision, and it might not always be possible, especially if the need for resources is temporary. Alternatively, you can hire an external project manager – a professional with the right kind of project experience.

Flexibility with project management outsourcing

Our project management services are available for both long and short-term projects, part-time or full-time. You can hire an external project manager quickly, in acute situations, for example when your own project manager has to take extended sick-leave.

Our PM’s are experienced pros

Some of the things we value in our project managers are practical experience and the ability to manage things and lead people well. Our professional PM’s have experience in various industries, both domestic and international projects. Typical projects include:

  • industrial investment projects
  • R&D projects
  • delivery projects
  • operational development
  • transfer of technology
  • transfer of products

Tailored services to meet your needs

The external project manager can take the overall responsibility for the successful delivery of a project. It is also possible that he or she will only be responsible for certain aspects of the project, such as preparing a comprehensive project plan, or the implementation or closure of the project. He or she can join the project during any project phase, and the responsibility can also be transferred back to the client’s own PM at any time.

Our services are always tailored to meet the client’s needs. The interim project manager can also act as a sparring partner or mentor for clients’ own project manager or project team. Read more about operational development.

Client-oriented project planning and management

We believe that successful projects are a result of systematic planning and professional management. Our services are client-oriented and we consider service satisfaction one of the cornerstones of our business.


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