Operational development



Operational development helps you grow

Over the years, we have implemented dozens of different development projects. We help our clients to increase their competitiveness by simplifying and standardizing their operations and by creating new procedures and know-how. These actions can, for example, build stamina and smoothness in your project business, strengthen your processes, and thus improve your productivity and cost-effectiveness.

Development begins with a thorough review

Our operational development philosophy is to ask questions first, shoot later. Development begins with a study defining what the next steps are. In practice, this means getting to know the company’s business thoroughly by, among other things, interviewing key personnel and going through the company’s documentation.

From planning to implementation

We don’t believe in empty talk – after the preliminary study the development measures are implemented and incorporated into everyday activities. Our experts will analyze the current situation, make a clear action proposal and draw up a report that serves as an implementation plan for a development project.

A number of experts on our team

Our action proposals are never opinions of a single individual. There are always a number of experts involved in the audits. We will select professionals who have the right kind of expertise for the client’s situation.


New operating models can be tested with pilot projects before implementation.

The implementation phase may include:

  • Transferring the new operating models into information systems
  • implementation training
  • a tailored project manual
  • examining example projects
  • steering the implementation of new projects
  • monitoring and reviewing.

Project coaching and sparring

Behind every successful project there are skilled people. As an essential part of our operational development, upgraded operating models are implemented by coaching and sparring your personnel.

The external project manager can act as a sparring partner or mentor for client’s own PM or project team, or for the project steering group or its chairperson. It is also possible that he or she is a part of the steering group.

Practical approach as a strength

We believe in pragmatism. Our strength in operational development and project coaching and sparring is that we have a strong understanding of the relationship between theory and practice, based on our own work experience. We work on projects constantly. Our coaching and sparring focuses on practical examples and our PMs’ own experiences.

Tailored project training

We use our specially designed toolkit to tailor our training sessions from 40 different modules, to exactly suit our clients’ needs.

Example projects

For Kuusakoski we did a survey of the present situation, on which the development measures were drawn up and prioritized, and an implementation schedule was agreed. As a part of the development project, a tailored project operation model was introduced.

We worked as a partner for Caruna streamlining their project business, clarifying roles and responsibilities, and developing and describing processes when they were raising the volume and scope of their investments. After the development project, Caruna has clear operating models for efficient implementation of different types of investment and maintenance projects.


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