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Preliminary study for an energy project


Kemiönsaari municipality is running a project for energy self-sufficiency. The project explores possibilities for implementing various types of renewable energy. In connection with the project, the municipality called for tenders for the preliminary report. Semat was chosen to carry out the preliminary investigation.

In autumn 2011, Semat carried out a preliminary study of the energy project for the municipality of Kemiönsaari. The study looked at the potential of wind power and other renewable energies for local, municipal and local businesses. The work was carried out in accordance with the Semat conceptual model.

The results of the preliminary study present new types of business models that take into account the interests of the municipality, residents and local businesses. The results also highlight decisions and pathways that can be used to enable the benefits of business and earning models to all parties. This will ensure the development of business in the municipal area.


“The investigative work enables decision-making based on facts and all action can now be taken to a direction that benefits all parties.”
Annalena Sjöblom
Project Manager
Kemiönsaari municipality


“The operating model and expertise provided by Semat stood out from the competition.”
Tom Simola
Kemiönsaari municipality


“Our concept guarantees our customers the ultimate result based on reality and the latest expertise in the field.”
Heikki Laaksonen
Project Manager
Semat Ltd


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