Our satisfied client:

Fastems is the leading provider of flexible factory automation systems, which aims to improve its customers’ competitiveness through automation and advanced software solutions that support it.

The company is known for its flexible manufacturing systems (FMS), robotics-based automation, production control software, gantry and interlinking systems and their wide range of services

Semat’s flexible project management service has been an excellent solution with Fastems’ varying workload. Additional resources have been available as required. Semat’s extensive experience of various projects has been an invaluable help in the development of Fastems’ systems.

“Fluctuating workloads are common within our business and this is why we have been looking for a flexible solution for our project management resources. Semat offered a solution than has proven to work well. In addition, we gained access to Semat’s project management experience, and have been able to take advantage of it in developing our own processes.”

Esa Karppi

VP Global Services

Fastems Ltd


“The swiftness of taking over the projects has surprised us. Speedy familiarization of out operating system and our business made it possible to utilize the additional resource immediately.”

Erik Guignet

Director, Global Project Management

Fastems Ltd


“Fastems has offered me interesting tasks and I have been able to utilize my experience diversely in both development and project management. Cooperation at its best – a win-win situation for both parties.”

Tommi Pastila

Senior Project Manager

Semat Ltd


Fastemsin kotisivut

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Reference has been translated from Finnish.