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Caruna is the largest electricity transmission company in Finland. They provide electricity to approximately 650 000 private and corporate customers in South, Southwest and West Finland, as well as in the city of Joensuu, the sub-region of Koillismaa and the Satakunta region. Caruna has a staff of 270 people and it employs directly 1800 people all over Finland.

As Caruna increased the number and scope of their investments significantly, they utilized Semat’s services in helping enhance project operations, clarifying roles and responsibilities as well as developing and describing necessary pro¬cesses.

As a result Caruna has clear and efficient policies for different types of investment and maintenance projects.


“Semat’s people were genuinely interested in our needs and wants. Therefore the end result was right for us – despite tight schedules
Henrik Suomi
Head of Investment Programs
Caruna Ltd


“Semat consultants were pleasant and did their work well and flexibly. The chosen method for describing processes was just right for us.”
Elina Lehtomäki
Head of Growth Investments and Maintenance
Caruna Ltd/span>


”It was very rewarding to be involved in implementing Caruna’s new policies. Together, we created in clear and effective operating models for different types of projects, also taking practicality into account.”
Tuomas Kontro
Project Manager
Semat Ltd


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Image: Caruna
Image: Caruna


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