Semat Ltd.


Semat Ltd., founded in 2006, is a full service project management company. Until 2016 we were called Sematnetworks Ltd.

Our customer-oriented approach, solution orientation, pragmatism and a can-do attitude are emphasized in everything we do.

We are located alongside Kehä III, across the road from Jumbo shopping center in Vantaa.


Who are we?


  • Experienced project professionals: project managers and project directors. All our project experts have experience in various types of projects from different industries. Most of our experience comes from technology industries.
  • Solution oriented, practical doers with a reputation for grit and common sense. We trust in our expertise acquired from experience and practice.
  • Service-minded leaders of people and managers of things. Customer-orientated approach is one of Semat’s cornerstones.


Who we aren’t?


  • Theoretical smartasses. We do not rely solely on knowledge acquired from education – we appreciate know-how gained through experience and practice.
  • Advisors only. We will not show up just to tell you how to do things better. We roll up our sleeves with everyone else.
  • Quitters. We will not give up – we will always finish our tasks successfully.