Invoicing information


We prefer e-invoices.

Company name VAT ID no. E-invoice address *) Operator ID Operator
Semat Oy 2056286-0 003720562860 003714377140 Enfo Zender Oy

*) Our electronic invoice address is the same as our Electronical Data Interchange ID (EDI). In Finland, EDI consists of the country code “0037” + the VAT ID without the hyphen and an optional unit identifier (max. 5 characters).

For more information about sending e-invoices, contact your e-invoice operator’s customer service.

Paper invoices

Please send all paper invoices directly to our accounting office.

Semat Oy
c/o Punkaharjun Tilitoimisto Oy
Kauppatie 9

Additional information

If you need more information, please contact our accounting office, tel. 020 749 8900, e-mail: