Project Manager Lilya Krylova: Semat offers great chance to start a career in project management

Lilya has worked in Semat for 1.5 years as project manager. She joined the company in the autumn 2020 to work as project coordinator for our customer’s large international project. 

Lilya’s past work experience is based on IT service management roles, where her tasks were directed to the end users inside company, rather than outside. Here in Semat, she says that she has learnt many things from scratch. “Believing in my skills and competence, Semat provided a job that was responding to my qualification for that moment of time, knowing that I have never worked in supply chain of such size before with other customers and subcontractors.” 

Picture of project manager Lilya Krylova

Starting the career in project management Lilya was prepared that at the beginning it could be difficult and stressful but also it will give her a chance to grow professionally and that motivated her more than anything. “Semat gave me a full independence and flexibility in my work with my customer, so I always had a feeling that I am being trusted and that helped my confidence to grow”, Lilya says.

The work atmosphere at the customer’s project was open and honest and gave the feeling of belonging already from the very beginning. Huge advantage for her was the opportunity to be able to use her native tongue especially for working purposes. Lilya feels that due to that she has been able to take more responsibilities and really ease other project members’ everyday work.  

“The most important skills I have learnt at work were tolerance and professional communication. That means the ability to restrain myself, and patiently treat other people.”, Lilya says.  “The key has been to understand that there are different kinds of people around me and each person knows something interesting and useful, so I take every chance to learn from others. I can confidently say that no educational institution can give such a knowledge and experience that I receive from my project work and colleagues.”    

“We never know what is waiting us in the future. During the past couple of years, we have faced many crises”, Lilya says reflecting the past years. She thinks that in any crisis situation people should remember that first of all, this is just a period of time: “This will not last forever.” In her opinion during any crisis, it is necessary to understand the situation, keep motions in check and admit quickly enough that you will have to change and adjust anyway. “Last, but not least, it is important to have supportive people around you, whom to open up and ask for help. At crisis times we need to live here and now.”   

Lilya says that the main goal for the future is growing as a professional and moving forward, despite any obstacles. She is looking forward to the future opportunities in Semat.  

Semat is always looking for new project managers from professionals just starting their career to more seasoned project directors. We provide a chance to grow professionally and interesting opportunities.